30 Day Content Creation Intensive

Become a content machine!


30 Day Content

Become a


Learn the secrets

And unleash more content and offers,
Than ever before…

Learn the secrets to creating aligned content that converts. Creating compelling content, regularly, for multiple digital and social platforms, can feel like an overwhelming task for any entrepreneur.

But it DOESN'T need to eat up all of your time and energy.

The Content Creation Intensive is a 30-day online course where Regan guides you through a series of powerful videos that will teach you how to create beautiful aligned content for your business while tapping into your true message.

But it's not just about strategy, either.

Regan is also taking you on a deep dive into the mindset and energetic alignment of content creation. By sharing her own tried and tested mindset practices, which will have you stepping out into the spotlight as a content machine.

You will learn how to…

Create Aligned Content That Converts Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Express Yourself Vulnerability to Speak to Those Who Want Your Message 

Become a Content Machine & Develop Your Own Unique Content Strategy

Move Past Fears of Putting Your Message Out There 

Increase Exposure & Visibility

Who is it for?

This course is for you if:

You want to understand the how of content creation in an aligned way 

You deeply desire to get your message out to the world 

You are an entrepreneur who is using one or multiple platforms to get your content out to the world

And you would like to do it in a more aligned way that converts 

You are ready to be seen and heard on social media 

You are brand new to the idea of content creation and you don’t know where to start 

You’ve tried other content strategies that didn't help you with the mindset and alignment 

You are ready to develop your own unique content strategy 

You desire to play a much bigger game in your life or in business 

You seek clarity on your message and how to get it out there 

” I absolutely KNOW that I will never run out of content!

…I'm literally BLOWN AWAY over how much content I've generated during the content challenge! I'm going over some of my journals (always use pen and paper) and pulling out the content that I will use for my membership videos, and it's just endless! And when I write it out, more comes flooding through 🙂 How powerful is that.”

-Lilja Bjarnadóttir

What will I learn?

Develop your own unique content strategy

Getting clear on your message 

Create massive external change by shifting internally in an intentional way 

Understand multiple platforms and how to use them 

Develop a paid content strategy 

How to be someone who attracts soulmate clients 

Call in your tribe through your content 

Discover time management tips that keep you working smarter not harder

Tap into your intuition and let your message flow from within 

Move past fears and limiting beliefs 

Identify any limiting beliefs and burn them 

Increase your capacity to make money daily 

Understand content from an energetic perspective 

” I feel like I just nailed my true message!

I started this 30 day challenge with no clear direction on what I was creating and what seemed like 100's of sub-messages about my passion and why I was creating what I had started in my businesses.. But just now, I feel like I just nailed my TRUE MESSAGE, my core purpose and passion of what I am here to share with the world. Huge ah-ha moment and huge satisfaction.”

-Tara Brown

The 30 Day Content Creation Intensive

Get clear on your message

When you join The Content Creation Intensive, you will receive 30-days of powerful videos through the RHI App. These videos will guide you in the steps to create amazing aligned content that feels good, as well as access to her private VIP Facebook Community. Your journey will contain 30 life-changing lessons that will help you to activate and step into your potential as a content machine. You will get assigned tasks each day that are designed to optimize your growth.

These expansive lessons come from a blend of Regan's own life experiences and lessons, as well as the wisdom from having invested more than half a million dollars into her mentors and coaches. Regan has found out what works and what doesn't when it comes to creating content that speaks to your audience. And in this course, she is passing on to you exactly what she does to build her multi-million dollar empire from a state of ease, grace, and flow.


A limiting belief is a belief, often unconscious that we’ve carried for a very long time that keeps us playing small and safe. You can also have conscious limiting beliefs that you are aware of. These are often things like:

No one wants to hear what I have to say
Who am I to teach this
I’m not good enough
It matters what people think of me
I can’t make money doing what I love
Making money is hard
I can’t do this

And these are just a few of the limiting beliefs that follow us around through life. They are often linked to insecurities that we’ve picked up in life. A belief is nothing more than a thought that we’ve thought over and over again until we made it a fact in our minds, and our ideas about life and ourselves can be positive or negative, and they can hold us back.

By learning to identify and rewire your unconscious limiting beliefs, you will call in success in no time. The truth is this; if what you want hasn’t yet shown up for you, then there is a belief blocking you from it. When you remove limiting beliefs, you call in what you desire.


Aligned content means content creation in a way that feels good. It means that you are creating soul level content that will speak to your tribe, and doing it in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling stressed out and manufactured. It’s about tuning into to find out what topics you need to be creating content around instead of just grasping for topics that you think might apply to your audience.

The world is starting to realize that being in business is not about hustling more to force success, it’s about alignment first and then action. That’s when you step into the place of working smarter, not harder. Chances are you didn’t go into business to work more than you did at a past job, right? That’s what alignment is all about. Alignment is about understanding the when and the what of your content and all of your actions.

How does it work?

The Process

Regan will start off the course by introducing you to how to set the stage for success on your content creation journey and how to create powerful intentions for your journey

Regan will introduce you to your unconscious identity and teach you how to rewire that identity to become the content star that you are

Regan will start off each video by explaining what you will be focusing on that day/task

Each day, you will then explore the different strategies and mindset practices to turn you into a content machine

These videos will be compact, packed full of wisdom, and direct to the point so that you can get what you need fast

Action Time! Regan will give you tasks and assignments each day that you are to complete to accelerate your growth and get results

what will i receive?

30 powerful videos sent via the RHI app over the course of 30-days 

VIP access to the Facebook Group

Lifetime access to  all the course content so you can work through it every single time you are ready for an uplevel in your content.