$10k months

Learn The Secrets To Effortless $10k Months
And Beyond In Just Two Life Changing Hours


$10k months

Learn The Secrets To
Effortless $10k Months
And Beyond In Just 2
Life Changing


You know it’s time for things to change…

Whether you are earning $5K a month, $15K or more…

You know that the time has come to make the change so that you can start to earn MORE while stressing LESS.

You know that making money doesn’t have to be




And you know that the key to achieving this effortless flow of income comes down to nailing two things; strategy, and mindset.

In fact, you are actually pretty clever and you know a lot…which makes you ask/scream to the high heavens every single day…



Love, it’s time to reveal my first secret

Something that took me years to figure out …

Your ability to make money does not come down to how intelligent you are, how passionate you are, or how much you want it…

It comes down to 3 things, mindset, strategy and focus…

Oh and having someone who has scaled their business from $1K months to $1 million months to teach you all of their secrets helps!

In just 2 hours, via a live training, I am going to teach you the EXACT strategies and techniques I used to go from an overwhelmed dreamer with a thousand strategies and zero focus, to a vibrant leader EASILY manifesting $10K in just a few weeks after using these exact strategies.

I’m going to let you in on another little secret …

I have called this training ‘10K a Month’ because you probably know by now that $10K is the income ceiling most entrepreneurs face before their business success starts to sky rocket.

The truth is, I am actually going to train you how to scale in a way that will enable you to achieve ANY income goal you have.. Whether that be 5 figures, 6 figures, or even 7 figures.

In just two hours…


“I’m feeling amazing!

The 10k a month training is amazing! I LOVE how you have defined an attainable number for me to step off of and have defined it again as a stepping stone. I love the tasks you have given as it feels real and something that is accessible to me.

-Jennifer Sheridan

You know that you are not alone in feeling like this

There are thousands of people out there that dream of earning $10K months and beyond…

And the bitter truth is…

That most people will always stay dreaming about it and will never actually achieve it.

The difference between you breaking past that $10K a month mark and just dreaming about it…

Is actually taking action!

One of my favourite stories from one of my favourite movies ever is in Eat Pray Love where Elizabeth Gilbert tells of the old man who goes to church every day begging to the saint,

“Please, please…give me the grace to win the lottery”

and the Saint replies

“Please, please, buy a lottery ticket”

Ask yourself now, are you the old man in this story?

Are you throwing your hands in prayer everyday begging for a different income, a different life and for the hustle to end…. But you’re not taking action to allow this to happen?

I’m not asking you to buy a lottery ticket and put yourself at a million to 1 odds of achieving your dreams.

I am inviting you to set aside 2 hours of your day, and a little of your way too hard earned money…

to take back the power in your life and craft your own highest version of success, following the strategies that have skyrocketed my income, and thousands of my clients’.

Are you ready for a dose of hard truth?

The reason you haven’t reached your dream income yet is not because you have too many chores to do, because you have too many kids to look after, because your mortgage has got you backed into a corner, because you don’t have the time…

Don’t believe me?

Then listen to the stories of hundreds of my clients who have overcome unbelievable adversity to achieve the income and life of their dreams.

These stories and ME are here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE. And I’m here to show you how in just




That’s right. In just TWO short hours I am going to show you that no matter what adversity you are facing right now, you have the ability to make your life and your income work for YOU, not the other way around!

Do you want to know what it feels like to get to the end of the week, feet up, sipping your favourite cocktail or a mug of tea (for me it’s an espresso martini every time) open your phone, check your bank balance… and see that you have earned in ONE WEEK what you earned in the WHOLE of last month and more. And you achieved it without tears, without more grey hairs, and without stress.

Are you ready for things to be different?

Are you ready to finally end the hustle and step into the effortless flow of income and possibility you grew up dreaming about it?

Are you ready for things to change?

Let me tell you, there is a new reality happening around you where you no longer have to feel ashamed of the dreams you have for yourself.

You no longer have to get a grey hair for every thousand dollars you bring home

You no longer have to drown in overwhelm every day just to achieve a mediocre level of success you promised yourself you would never settle for

Are you ready for a new reality where you can:


Condition Your Money Mindset to $10K Months and Beyond?

Uncover What’s Pinning You to Your Current Level of Income? 

Identify & Rewrite Your Beliefs Around Your Income?

Receive the Strategy AND Mindset of $10K a Month?

Rapidly Increase Your Income Container? 

“I love it, love it!

Thank you Regan! The 10k month workshop was fantastic, love it, love it. Finally tapping into my vision!

-Su Mason Chen

How do I know this training is for me?

I know how often you sleepily peek through your half open eyelids on social media at all the people out there achieving the income and lifestyle you desperately dream of…


I know how often you get to Sunday and make a promise that this week will be different…this will be the week you FINALLY start working on a different strategy that will get you out of overwhelm and into your income goals…


Yet when the next Sunday rolls around you have either spent another week completely overwhelmed with your business that you don’t have a moment to even think about a different strategy… or you simply just have no idea of what strategy is going to be the one that finally works.

It’s time for things to be different

This workshop is for you if:

You are ready to call in massive success and play a big game

You are currently reaching for that $10K a month goal but have had trouble achieving it consistently

You are ready to be more, have more, do more, and give more

You know that it’s time to live your dream life!

You are already bringing in $10K a month (or more) but you’re ready to expand that from a place of ease and grace

You are ready to take massive aligned action that gets you results

You are brand new to setting big money goals, and you are ready for a practice that will get you results

You’ve tried other strategies that didn’t work

You are ready to free yourself from your unconscious money fears & limiting beliefs

What will I learn?

so much more than just strategy

The most powerful mindset practices that helped Regan cross the $10K a month mark early on in her business

How to condition your money mindset to support $10K a month and beyond 

What’s blocking you from calling in the results you desire now 

Aligning to the energy of $10K a month

The exact strategies you need to use

How to avoid overwhelm, stress, and confusion 

Identify any blocks and limiting beliefs around your money goals

The key sabotage patterns that keep people stuck where they are

How to do it all from anywhere in the world

The art of calling in any amount of money from a state of ease, grace, and flow 

Why most people will never make $10K a month and how to ensure that’s not you!

I want in! What happens next?

When you enrol in the $10K a Month you will be sent an invitation to Regan’s life changing 2 hour LIVE training.

The recording of this workshop is then yours for life…

So you can use it over and over again every time you are ready for an expansion in your monthly income.

What Will I Receive?


Invite to the $10K a Month LIVE training

Opportunity to pick the brains of Regan Hillyer herself LIVE on how she turned her $10K a month goal into a MILLION DOLLAR A MONTH REALITY

Lifetime access to the training on the RHI App so you can work through it every single time you are ready for an uplevel in any area of life

“Loved every minute of the training!

..I had massive breakthroughs, destroying limiting beliefs, every time I have doubts about ‘can I really do this’? I go to start where you are right now, act from the person you want to become as if I’m already where I want to be. It always helps me and brings back my ‘dream big” me.”

-Adriana Mendez-Snowden