Just a quick reminder here…..and sending all my love to each and every one of you..

I woke up today and thought ‘Gosh, the world and its people seem to be struggling currently…’ 

What Are You Afraid of?

I am constantly hearing that people are frightened, frightened of the pandemic, even if they are in countries where the virus is under control, with little or no cases in the community, frightened to get on an aeroplane and frightened even to leave their homes. They are frightened of the future.

They have been told that the world will be changed FOREVER and that they will NEVER be able to get back to a ‘normal’ life…and you know, for some people who are having to pivot into new employment and take stock of their working and personal lives, then this may well be their current reality.

Smell The Roses?

However, you know that for many of us, this has been a time of THE PAUSE. And, you know in that time of the pause, it can be a time for reflection. If you consider what has happened to you during the puzzling months of this pandemic, and some happenings may have been undesirable and unsettling, even tragic..it is now a time to really look inwards and think…

I saw a Facebook meme just yesterday and it stated: 

So in retrospect, in 2015, not a single person got the answer right to “Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?”

Whilst this is humorous and we smile at it, it does rather bring home the point that none of us knows what the future holds. And, as humans, we do tend to spend a lot of time thinking about the future. We think about tomorrow, we plan, we worry an awful lot about the future, we are sometimes kept awake by the future……we strategize and we invest…for the future. And, yet does ‘the future’ ever come? And, if for you it does come…..does it come dressed and shaped exactly as you thought? When you think about it, the future is a totally unknown quantity and an unknown shape…

It Does Seem A Bit Mad? 

Doesn’t it? To worry about it quite so much……?

Actually, in reality, there is only the present. We only actually have this day. This one, right here. And, this is the moment that we need to sink ourselves into and truly reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives.

What Am I Grateful For?

I know that this can seem a bit trite, especially when some of you may be thinking that there is little to be grateful for currently, that the planned life trajectory has fallen off the rails and some of us have had to ‘dig deep’ to find our best inner resources to be able to just cope. 

And, yet, it is something that I make the time for every day. Yes, every day. It’s what my older female relatives would have said is ‘Counting your blessings’..and this still holds true, I just call it gratitude reminders.

It’s a simple exercise to sit down, take a few moments to pause, maybe when you are just waking up or prior to going to bed…or actually, any time really…..to consider…

What 10 people, things, aspects in my life am I grateful for?

Consider these for starters….Who? What? When? Where? Why…and health, nature, basic freedoms, literacy and numeracy…once you get into expansion and out of the ‘Things are terrible…’ mindset (yes! I use that word) then your mind and the universe will unfold and reveal what is needed for you. But, while you are blocking it out and closing the doors to positivity and the ability to notice small things around you…then you will remain in the mire of your own thoughts and influences.

Writing them down, or journaling around these 10 amazing positive things in your life will make a difference.

If you think, and take the time, you will actually come up with more than ten….try it.

Actually, I am sending you this reminder as I am grateful for you all!


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x