It all starts with us. . .

Can you feel the uncertainty and turbulence going on at the moment? 

The earth is in the purging and clearing process. Chaos and disasters are happening not only on a global scale, but they're also taking place internally within multitudes of people.

I understand why you're distressed, thinking about the different areas of your life that might get affected by this crisis.

Even I felt low vibrational energy across the planet, waking me up at night. It's not something that I usually experience, so I went deep with my emotions and asked whether they are from my highest self. After doing an initial activation to Reset, Recalibrate, and Rise, I realized how much I wanted to share the same powerful process to all the people in the world who could really use this right now.

So if you want to Reset, Recalibrate, and Rise for your own self-improvement…

Or if you're looking to help the planet Reset, Recalibrate, and Rise on a global scale…

There is no separation.

It starts with us going deep into our internal work.

Get Ready To Reset

Get ready to activate your personal and planetary reset so you can start aligning to the frequency of all-transcending peace. 

There are only three simple steps:



Discover how you can completely reset your system from any vibrations of pain, suffering, fear, doubt, or whatever it is that may be blocking or stopping you from rising right now.


Recalibrate your system to get in greater alignment with the version of yourself that can manifest the next layer of your personal and planetary vision despite the constant shift.


The last step is to rise into your greatness, rise into your power, rise into certainty, rise into strength. Embody the living god and goddess within you.

The Process

Dive deep into what's really going on in the planetary shift and discover the framework of the Energetic Architecture Process
Listen, relax, and open your mind to the activation.
Learn how to integrate the codes you received.

This is perfect for you if:

You're only starting out on your inner journey, and you're looking for an easy-to-understand source.
You're already really deep in internal and spiritual work for a long time, but you want to reset and recalibrate.

Now, let me answer those burning questions

What is an activation?

It's a soul awakening. It will allow you to expand your capacity in every aspect of your being so you can embody your highest self.

I haven't done this before. How will I know if it worked?

It works differently for everyone. There can be a significant shift in the way you see things. Some people find it easier to manifest their visions. While others felt calmer and at peace despite what goes on in their environment. Try it for yourself and see what happens.

Is there a perfect time and place to do this?

You have access to this tool for life. And you can use it at any moment, anywhere you may be, as long as it’s a quiet, safe environment. When you feel that you want to Reset, Recalibrate, and Rise through any shifts you're going through, listen to the activation again.

Do You Feel The Calling?

to make the positive impact that humanity needs more of right now?

Because of what we’re going through worldwide, we wanted to make it super easy for everyone to get access.

And so by entering the discount code ACTIVATE when you check out, you will get a massive discount of 80%. You can join me in this activation for only $33.

Your personal evolution matters.

Together we will rise out of this transition!

What people say about the course

” Thank you for these activations Regan – a special gift to instal an anchor point and keep everyone expanded at this time, transcending to the next level – let it be so. Peace and gratitude..”

Nicky Murray

” Thank you thank you thank you. So much energy & light flashing through me & now feeling peaceful & centerd

 – Naomie Martelli

” That was beautiful… feeling light… vibrational energy flowing throughout my body. Thank you! ❤️

 – Tina McCall

” Thank you Regan for RRR! I’ve done this for multiple times now & I’m so amazed how it works! You are so right about that it goes deeper & deeper every time I do this & that’s fantastic. Thanks for that! 🌞🙏🏼😍

 – Kadri Põlder

” Regan Hillyer so beautiful. Just finished RRR and so amazing and such divine timing with the beautiful full moon tomorrow. Your meditations activations help so much. Sincerest thank you and gratitude soul siStar ❤ much love to you, Juanpa, and yours.

 – Tirene Higheagle Moran

Thank you so much!!  I haven’t felt so relaxed since your activation last night!  I really felt it in my energetic system and experienced so many little visions.  So powerful!!!

 – Colette Laurenn

This is divine all over! Love love love! Got the yoni portal and everything, zero frequency emanating! I feel it! Wow!

 – Sally Plank

Thank you, just did the activation. It was just what I needed 💖💕 

 – Jemima Lambell

I did the RRR meditation this morning. It was amazing 💞. It’s brought up a massive block I am clearing that is keeping me stuck in all areas of my life, so thank you. I really do love your work. I hope you have a wonderful day xxx

 – Olivia Moyes