$10k months

$10K months and beyond are your new normal


$10k months

$10k months and

beyond are

your new



Get ready to up-level

Are you ready to have $10k months and beyond be your new NORMAL?

Or are you already rocking out $10K months but KNOW there is a struggle-free way to accelerate into higher levels of income?

Get ready to up-level your income fast.

The truth is that most people will NEVER achieve $10K a month, they get stuck only dreaming about it. It's just one of those milestones that every single entrepreneur wants to cross. And now, in this POWERFUL, video training, Regan will show you the how and the mindset of passing that $10K a month goal, while having FUN too!

Maybe you're already at the $10K a month mark, and you're ready to move beyond. And that's the best part of Regan's $10K a Month Workshop! It's going to teach you everything you need to know about aligning and scaling to any level of income that you desire to start calling in.

This just under 3-hour training with Regan unlocks the secrets to calling in the income you desire starting at $10K a month and beyond from a state of ease, grace, and flow.

Condition Your Money Mindset to $10K Months and Beyond

Uncover What’s Pinning You to Your Current Level of Income 

Identify & Rewrite Your Beliefs Around Your Income 

Receive the Strategy AND Mindset of $10K a Month

Rapidly Increase Your Income Container 

Who is it for?

This course is for you if:

You are ready to call in massive success and play a big game

You are ready to be more, have more, do more, and give more

You are currently reaching for that $10K a month goal but have had trouble achieving it consistently
You are already bringing in $10K a month (or more) but you’re ready to expand that from a place of ease and grace

You know that it’s time to live your dream life! 

You are ready to take massive aligned action that gets you results 

You are brand new to setting big money goals, and you are ready for a practice that will get you results

You’ve tried other strategies that didn't work
You are ready to free yourself from your unconscious money fears & limiting beliefs

What will I learn?

so much more than just strategy

The most powerful mindset practices that helped Regan cross the $10K a month mark early on in her business

How to condition your money mindset to support $10K a month and beyond 

What’s blocking you from calling in the results you desire now 

Aligning to the energy of $10K a month

The exact strategies you need to use

How to avoid overwhelm, stress, and confusion 

Identify any blocks and limiting beliefs around your money goals

The key sabotage patterns that keep people stuck where they are

How to do it all from anywhere in the world

The art of calling in any amount of money from a state of ease, grace, and flow 

Why most people will never make $10K a month and how to ensure that’s not you!

The $10K a Month Course

have $10K months and beyond be your new normal

When you enrol in Regan's $10K a Month workshop, you will receive immediate access to this 3-hour video class through the RHI App. This workshop will take you on a deep dive into Regan's own processes, which she used to cross $10K a month early in her business. She still uses these very same strategies and mindset practices any time she is up-levelling her income container. Become the version of you who is already making $10K a month and beyond through mastering the mindset AND the strategies that you will learn in this workshop.

Plus, this workshop will also help you to identify and release any unconscious fears and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from reaching your goal. Because if you aren't yet consistently bringing in the money you desire then yes, there is a block. Otherwise, it would already be happening for you. It will also aid you in connecting to your higher self and intuition. But the best part? What you learn can be used over and over for increasing your monthly money goals.

Regan's $10K a Month process comes from a blend of her own life experiences and lessons, as well as the wisdom from having invested more than half a million dollars into her personal work with coaches and mentors. Regan has mapped exactly what she did and still does to continually expand her monthly money container. And in this workshop, she is passing it all on to you to help you lock-in your $10K a month identity. She's sharing with you precisely what she did to get started in building her multi-million dollar empire from a state of ease, grace, and flow.


A limiting belief is a belief, often unconscious that we’ve carried for a very long time that keeps us playing small and safe. You can also have conscious limiting beliefs that you are aware of. These are often things like:

No one wants to hear what I have to say
Who am I to teach this
I’m not good enough
It matters what people think of me
I can’t make money doing what I love
Making money is hard
I can’t do this

And these are just a few of the limiting beliefs that follow us around through life. They are often linked to insecurities that we’ve picked up in life. A belief is nothing more than a thought that we’ve thought over and over again until we made it a fact in our minds, and our ideas about life and ourselves can be positive or negative, and they can hold us back.

By learning to identify and rewire your unconscious limiting beliefs, you will call in success in no time. The truth is this; if what you want hasn’t yet shown up for you, then there is a belief blocking you from it. When you remove limiting beliefs, you call in what you desire.

How does it work?

The Process

When you enrol in $10K a Month you will get instant access to the training

The class will take you deep into the mindset, energy, and strategy of $10K a Month and Beyond

The workshop is yours for life so you can use it over and over again every time you are ready for an expansion in your monthly income

Jump in and get started right away!

what will i receive?

InstantAccess to the $10K a Month workshop

Lifetime access the course on the RHI App so you can work through it every single time you are ready for an uplevel in any area of life